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FAQ for Job Givers

1.What is the difference in Employer, Affiliate and Agency registration?


  • Employer registration if for Job Givers looking to hire someone form the site.
  • Affiliate registration is for those who want to partner with us on a profit sharing basis. Affiliates can upload profiles that they collect or have, and get a 40% share in all revenue we earn through these profiles. For more information please drop us a mail on
  • Agency registration is for agencies already working in placement of domestic help and blue collared workers. Agencies can use our site to showcase the candidates they have. This helps them get more visibility and customers. All employer calls will come to the Agency. This means candidates will get hired at the fees, terms and conditions set by the Agency. only acts as a medium for the Agencies to reach the employers. For more information please drop us a mail on

2.How does the site work?


There are three simple steps:

  • Employers use different filters to search for maid, cook, nanny etc. they are looking for
  • If they like some candidates, they register and subscribe to get the phone numbers of candidates in the category in which they are interested
  • Once they have the number they call the candidates directly and negotiate to hire
  1. Why am I asked to register, even when I am not ready to pay yet?


By registering you get to use the My Shortlist and sms facility. Also, when you buy a subscription package, the user name will be used to mail you a receipt.

  1. What is My Wishlist?


My Wishlist  is our effort to make your search easier, on the go. With this you can:

  • Save the candidates you shortlist so that they can be seen at one place
  • Make notes against the candidates as you call them
  • Just login again into your account to continue your search on the go, without the need to carry any pen or paper
  1. Where is my My wishlist saved?


My Whishlist is our effort to make your search easier, on the go. With this you can:

Login and click your name on top right corner. You will land on your profile page. Your My Whishlist is also saved here.

  1. What is the subscription for?


The subscription is to get access to the contact numbers of Job Seekers (self or by agency). Subscription is different for different categories.

The subscription packages are category wise and can be checked out after login

  1. What are the subscription charges?


The subscription packages are category wise and can be checked out after  login by employer.

  1. Do I need to pay the subscription fees as soon as I visit the site?


No. First browse and check out if you like any available profiles. You should pay the subscription fees only if you like some profiles, who you feel you may want to hire.

  1. What are the other monthly charges after I hire someone?


There are absolutely no charges other than the subscription fees on any hiring.

  1. How can I pay?


All payments are online through a secure payment gateway. You can use credit card, debit card or internet banking to make the payment.

  1. How long does it take for my subscription to be activated?


The subscription gets activated immediately, as soon as the bank accepts your transaction.

  1. How many numbers can I view after I pay?


  • It is depend on your subscription type you selected. as
  • Unlock one maid / Candidate Details (Mobile No. & Mail Id) Rs. 49
  • Full Access to unlock all Candidates Details in “one city for one month” (Mobile No. & Mail Id) Rs. 499
  • Full Access to unlock all Candidates Details in “Pan India for one moth” (Mobile No. & Mail Id) Rs. 999
  1. What is the meaning of validity of subscription?


Validity refers to the number of days you can check out the numbers for. For example if the validity is 30 days you can access all numbers under the category for which you have paid for 30 days. This will include all new candidate details who list during these 30 days.

  1. Who decides salary, working time tasks etc with job Seeker


You will negotiate all this with Job Seeker, without any rules or interference from The final decision of employment lies with the Job Giver and Job Seeker.

  1. Can I hire for a short period?


You can hire for as long as you want. You can even hire a cook for a day, a driver for an outstation trip or additional help when guests are visiting. It is all between you and the Job Seeker.

  1. What if after paying the subscription fees I do not like anyone. If after joining the person leaves? Do I get a refund?


Sorry, we do not offer a refund. We allow you to see the profiles before you pay, and to view unlimited numbers is because we understand you might need to call multiple people before you are ready to hire someone. If you do not find someone suitable, on the first attempt, or your hired help leaves, you can always come back and check again during the time that your subscription is active.

But if they employer subscribe Book/Hire This Category or the candidate at company payroll, or consultancy basis, or any contract then company will be liable to provide replacement as per agreement.

  1. Why do you ask us to call the candidates? It should be the other way round.


This is simply to maintain your security and leave the control in your hands, unless you decide to allow the candidates to call you.

  1. Why dont you recommend candidates, or arrange for an interview with them?


We have tried to keep the hiring cost as low as possible. As soon as we intervene in the process, the charges will go up.

We are also providing this service under ‘Book/Hire’ category, we conduct personal interview and scrutiny with candidate, verify them, complete all documentation work, police verifications, thumb and figure impression verification, reference verification then recommend candidate to you to hire this at minimum wages /salary as per central govt. rules and provide this service to you at company payroll or consultancy basis, or any other contract with ‘Service Agreement’.


  1. Some numbers are switched off or not reachable. Sometimes the numbers are reachable but the person does not pick up the phone. What can I do?


That is a challenge we have to live with given the fact that these are poor people whose charge gets over often, or who are not allowed to pick up the phone when they are on a job. You can try again after a day or so.

In case the phone is ringing and not answered, try calling at a time when the person is more likely to be at home.

It is because we anticipate these challenges that we allow unlimited viewing at a fraction of a cost when compared to agencies and other portals.

  1. I like someone under the Hired category. Can I still contact that person?


Yes, you can contact a hired candidate. At times these candidates may be back in the job market and we may not even know about it

  1. What kind of verification is done for the candidates registered with


We ensure that the candidates:

  • Have a government issued verification, usually an Aadhar card. Aadhar card is the most reliable biometric ID proof we currently have in India.
  • Have been telephonically verified before their registration is accepted


For any additional verification services we offer, mail us at

  1. How can I ensure safety with these maid?


Interview them in detail, meet them, check their credentials, physically check their residence address, and if hiring, register them with your society and/or nearby police station. And take all precautions you take with other such helpers.

We can also help you with additional verification services. Please send mail at

They can join as early as the same day. It all depends upon what their current commitments are. That is why helps you employer faster than any agency or online portal.

  1. I have a maid/candidate who needs more jobs. How can I register them?


Just go to

It is a two minute job but will mean a lot to your maid/candidate.

  1. Should I inform you if I hire someone?


It will be good if you inform us because then we can mark that person as Hired, increasing the chances of the person continuing to work for you. Also, we often have schemes like free access, running for our existing employers. You can benefit from them only if you tell us that you have hired someone.

  1. How can I inform you about whom I have hired?


Just drop us a mail at with the name and phone number of the candidate, from your registered mail id.

  1. What if I forget my password?


Click "Forgot Password" at the bottom of the login box. Fill in your email id (This is your username) and the password will be delivered to your mail id.

  1. Why do some profiles not have Aadhar card details, even if it is mentioned that they have an Aadhar card?


Sometimes, people are afraid that their Aadhar card details may be misused, so request us to not upload the details. Or during the personal visit ask to bring original Adhaar card.